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Quick intuos4 Pen Protection Tip-Use a rubber band by Digital--Quill Quick intuos4 Pen Protection Tip-Use a rubber band by Digital--Quill
Sorry about the dust :P Black plastic really just loves showing off the dust

So I realized a while ago I had a tendency to flop my pen down and let the hard plastic bang around. This happens a lot when flipping over to use the eraser side, it would also occasionally hit the tablet surface. After A while I noticed parts started to feel slightly loose. To fix this I put a rubber band over where the logo was and the damage hasn't increased at all and it has a tad more traction when placing it on it's side so it's less likely to roll away. 

Just thought I would throw this tip out there 

:bulletblack: It stops the hard plastic from hitting the writing surface (it also lifts it enough that the button part doesn't hit either)
:bulletblack: Less likely to roll off
:bulletblack: Nice bumper for the pen
:bulletblack: If you care about the "wacom" screen printed logo rubbing off it protects that too

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Registered111 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Pretty sensible tips here, I think. The rubber band's a clever and simple solution. But...
Well, honestly, I am only commenting here to ask a mostly unrelated question: What are your general thoughts on the Intuos4? I've used a Bamboo Pen for, uhm, however many years now. It still functions just fine, but I've been passingly wondering about getting an upgrade. Sometimes I feel like the limitations of the Bamboo are getting in my way... I just wonder if it would be worth it to buy an Intuos. I suppose my real dream would be to get a Cintiq, but I especially don't know if that purchase would be worthwhile.

In any case, thank you for your time!
Digital--Quill Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Sorry if this looks like gibberish, writing skills aren't that great ^^;

Honestly it depends mostly on if you like buttons and what type of artwork you do :3 Looking at your work you SEEM to be using a simple flat circle brush so you're really not missing much.
Intuos 4 seems better than 5 and has a larger range of pens and nibs if you are really sensitive to the feel. I have both a Bamboo and a Intuos4 and sensitivity wise they feel the same so drawing quality won't change much. Using either tablet wouldn't change how my artwork comes out at all.
The only difference is there are more programmable buttons (arguably making working time faster) and the ability to sense tilt and turn (if you buy another pen) I personally think the tilt function is a bit... taboo, I never use it. 

Unless you are ever wanting to get into artwork more like this 
 I wouldn't say you'd need the tilt/turn sensing

I will say the Intuos Drivers are a bit of a pain >.< I had to backtrack to one from like 2007 because it kept failing. Haven't had a problem since though. And if you ever plan on getting a new tablet I'd go for a medium unless you draw with your arm. Most people draw with their wrists and don't need such a large surface. It also depends on your comp screen size too though XD

They are pretty much Identical 
If you are super picky about drawing feel/pens go for the Intuos
If you want more buttons go for the Intuos
If you plan on only using the same brush/cartooning I wouldn't bother
Get a medium if possible
If you have the money for a cintiq IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY :stare: But just don't get the large. Likely not worth it and costs more to repair

Registered111 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
You have nothing to fear, this isn't gibberish in the slightest! On the contrary, this is all extremely helpful, comprehensible and comprehensive in its information! It's everything I could've ever thought to ask about the Intuos and more. Thank you so much for such a prompt and complete reply!

The size of the Bamboo -- specifically, the size of the tablet as compared to my monitor, as you pointed out -- is my biggest gripe with it. The Bamboo's active area is a scant 5.8 by 3.6 inches, where as my monitor is upwards of 22 and 16 inches... it's quite a gap. I never use all of that space when I'm drawing, of course, but it can still feel troublesome at times. It does give me some relief that, in your experience, that the sensitivity feels the same between the Bamboo and Intuos4. That was a concern as well. The extra buttons on the Intuos line are definitely a neat touch, but I doubt it would improve my personal speed in a meaningful way. I need to become a better artist before I worry about that kind of optimization. :P

The Cintiq really does seem like a plain amazing thing, though. Not to make you have to type even more than I've already made you but have you ever had the chance to use one? I'd love to give it a test run, or even just mess around with the thing briefly. ... That aside, I'll probably just stick with my Bamboo for the foreseeable future and start saving away for one of those marvelous Cintiqs. Not a large model, either. I trust your judgement!

Once again, thank you for answering all my questions and helping me come to decision! I truly appreciate the time and effort you've shown for my sake.
Digital--Quill Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Naw I love helping people with stuff like this XD I could do it all day
Oh gese you've got quite the screen :stare: If your driver has a setting to "force proportions" I'd set it to that, might help a bit ^^

I've used something similar to a cintiq before at a university and I swear I'd never go back XD It acts as it's own screen just as how the tablet acts as a mouse :3 
The sad thing is, I've gotten so used to looking AWAY from my drawing area (The drawing on the screen) suddenly looking at the place where the pen is, is a little.. strange XD at first after doing it the other way for so long. Still worth the effort to change it back though, better precision.

If you still feel like experimenting, I'd experiment with pen nibs :3 They are cheap ($5 to $8) and can change the way you draw quite a bit. I like these two the most (If it looks like you could stuff it in your pen it most likely can and will work):… The spring makes the pen super sensitive and "bouncy" Good for painting and mixing with ease… Very nice for smooth lineart, I'd never get a smoother line from any other way 

Here is a pic of the 4 most common ones…

The two I just recommended are the "Flex Nibs" and "Stroke Nibs"

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